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E-petitions coming to the House after the next election

Harper’s Police State Law. Passing it means ‘death of freedom - Elizabeth May

Press Release:  Harper Government Relies on Torture Evidence, Say Three Professional Organizations

Canadian government responds to 9/11 Petition

Poll of Canadians Finds Popular Support for Parliamentary Review of 9/11 Commission Report

David Long, Elizabeth Woodworth, and Graeme MacQueen of  ReThink911 Canada discuss the 9/11 petition submitted to parliament on No Lies Radio’s show 9/11 Free Fall.

Send A 9/11 Petition Email To Your Member of Parliament (Version Française)

ReThink 9/11 Canada Statement Against Racism

NEW PRESS RELEASE: Former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm Supports Petition Tabled in Parliament Dec. 3 for a Review of the 9/11 Commission Report

Petition Press Kit

9/11 Petition Text

Europeans, Petition Your Own Governments!

A Major Petition Is Presented For The Government To Review 9/11 Truth Evidence – See What Was Said

Harper, The Ottawa Shooter, and Selling of War.

As Iraq heads toward civil war, many are asking about the reasons. In a recent article, the Washington Post blames the policies of the former Bush administration. While the article refers to the events of 9/11, it does not demand an investigation of the official 9/11 account. An investigation of 9/11 is what is needed to fully understand why a country like Iraq is heading toward civil war. Support the High-Rise Safety Initiative.

Thank you for making the ReThink911 Canada Tour a success.

NEW PRESS RELEASE: The Undying Role of 9/11 Family Members in Calling for an Independent Inquiry into 9/11

Richard Gage, Controversial American Architect to Address 18 Cities,
Urges Canadians to ReThink 9/11

View the US Congressional Resolution To Release Classified Evidence of Saudi Govt Involvement in Attacks

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2015 Federal Election Candidates

Interested in running as an independent candidate in the 2015 federal election on a 9/11 Truth platform?