If you’ve seen the ReThink ad and want to take action – it’s easy. Currently, Paul Dewar, MP for Ottawa Center, has Petition #5248504 – Requesting a Parliamentary Review of the Official 911 Commission Report. This petition was signed by over 1400 Canadian Citizens and approved by the Clerk of Petitions in the House of Commons.

Paul Dewar says he: “has worked tirelessly for our priorities.” However, Paul also says he doesn’t want to submit this critical petition “because he doesn’t believe in it”. Ottawa Voters have made it clear that this is a priority. So, if you want Paul Dewar to ReThink his position, just send him the message at the link below, and be sure and add your name + city at the end of the email. It is great to use your own words too. The government gets hundreds of form letters. The ones that stand out are written personally.

For a French Version (use the text below and paste into your message using the link + add your name at the end):

Dear Sir Dewar,

ReThink911 will place ads in the OC Transpo network throughout the month of September 2013.

The campaign asks Ottawa voters to reassess their positions on September 11th. 26 Canadians were killed in New York during the September 11th terrorist attacks . I ask you to re-evaluate your own position on this petition and to validate with your colleagues in parliament.

I ask that you, as well as all members of Parliament, review the findings of the 24 members forming the 9/11 Consensus Committee at http://www.consensus911.org/the-911-consensus-points.

During the month of September 2013, one in three OC Transpo buses will carry a ReThink911 ad. Here is the campaign website: http://rethink911.org. Ottawa will be the 12 th official city added to this global campaign which will include the cities of Toronto, Vancouver, Washington, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego, Sydney and London. Thousands of voters in your Ottawa riding want you to act on this petition calling for a parliamentary review of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

If you have news to share about this, please let me know. Many constituents, myself included, would be happy to announce good news for this campaign. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.