A loan amortization schedule will adjust with the addition of extra monthly payments. To see the effects more visually, do two runs of the calculator, one with extra monthly payments and one without. Missing cells at the end of the output in which you made extra monthly payments represent months in which you no longer have a monthly payment because your loan will now be paid off before that date.

Loan amortization tables are provided for you when you calculate an estimated monthly mortgage payment using our online calculator. These tables are printer friendly and accurate for the figures you enter, but they are to be taken only as an estimate. Only a qualified mortgage professional can offer you a particular rate. We recommend applying at our site because with one simple form you can get as many as four free mortgage quotes. Brokers will often compete for your business and drive down the rate you are able to obtain.

Loan amortization is simply the way your loans payments are divided up and spaced out over time. Mortgages amortize differently depending on how much you pay down on your mortgage each month and also what kind of interest rate you have. Fixed rate mortgages have monthly payments that build more equity every month, and pay less interest every month in a predictable manner through the life of the loan. Adjustable rate mortgages however may incur a different interest cost from month to month. If your interest rate becomes higher, your monthly payment will put less money towards the equity in your home, and your mortgage balance will not decrease as much as it would have at a lower rate.

Loan amortization is just a sophisticated term for the design you see if you graph your monthly payments broken down into interest and principal. Visually, the interest curve begins high (it is referred to as front-heavy) and decreases over time. And the principal ( the amount your mortgage balance decreases with each payment ) begins low and becomes higher towards the end of your loan. For example, if your mortgage balance is $100,000 and your rate is 10%, you will pay a larger amount of interest than near the end of your loan term when your balance is $10,000 on your loan amortization.

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