There is more to roof painting or roof restoration that just cleaning a roof and painting it. Over the years we have encountered many issues with poorly restored or home handy man roof painting jobs. It is best to leave this job to the professionals to ensure that you will not encounter the typical failures aligned with poorly handled roof painting jobs.

Cleaning the roof correctly is vital to any roof restoration, once that challenging part has been accomplished the roof needs to be repaired correctly, only once that is all completed then the roof is ready for roof painting.

1. Blow the roof down with a blower – to ensure that any loose debris from the repairs or since the last time the roof was walked on a quick blow down with a petrol driven blower will make sure that the job is ready for the next step.

2. Anti Fungal Treatment – Some products have an anti fungal treatment as apart of their coating process, this kill microscopic spores and stops them from growing through the roof coating procedure, if the product being used does not have an anti fungal spray you can use Chlorine diluted.

3. Sealer – Depending on the condition of the tiles will determine what kind of sealer is required when coating a roof, roofs that are not too old and have a powdery surface (this can be determined by rubbing your fingers across the top of the tiles quickly) require a watery penetration sealer, this will bind the powdery surface and ensure that the coating will take to it. Failure to use this correct method can mean that the coatings will eventually peel.

If the tiles are mildly weathered and a light roughness is available then a general sealer is available that will penetrate however add a slight topping to the tile, this type of sealer helps create a near smooth look, whilst binding to the coating.

If your tiles are rough and course, we have high build sealer systems that will help fill in the pits of the tile to make the tile as smooth as possible. It is all most like a spray on putty, in the case that your tiles are like this you should always ask for a demonstration to show you how the tiles will end up looking . Don’t be fooled by sales tricks of being showed a new tile that is painted in a colour that you like and that tile is not the same age or weathered similarly, you will be disappointed.

4. Roof Coating – In general 2 coats of a good quality roof coating are used. These are sprayed on and each coat needs an hour to dry, a general rule is to try and get the coatings all on the same day when possible. This is not rushing the job, however trying to allow for problems like birds landing on the roof or resting on TV antennas and droppings falling on to the roof in between coats or debris from trees and what not.

The most common question is how much does it cost to restore a roof, well there are many factors that need to be taken into account when pricing a job and if you get a price from someone over the phone then they are not doing their job correctly.

Be careful of people who knock on your door and offer a cheap quick job because they are in the area, in fact you should stay away from these types all together.