A cross-Canada tour is being planned to educate the Canadian public about the evidence about the destruction of three skyscrapers at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

This tour is envisioned to traverse the continent from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Provinces.

These are posters for the venues for the Canadian Tour

Vancouver, BC – Poster (8-5×11)
Victoria, BC – Poster (11×17)
Calgary, AB – Poster
Lethbridge, AB – Poster
Edmonton, AB – Poster (11×17) also Edmonton Promotion Video
Winnipeg, MB – Poster
Saskatoon, SK – Poster (8.5×11)
Ottawa, ON – Poster (8-5×11)
Toronto, ON – Poster
Moncton, NB – Poster
Halifax, NS – Poster (8-5×11)
Montreal, QC – Poster(8-5×11)
Volunteer Opportunities:

Help with local organizing and promotion of the Tour
Help with a screening of one of the AE911Truth evidence documentaries
Provide AE911Truth documentaries for Community Television in your local community